Photo Retouching Samples

"We need the background to drop-out to pure white" Move the slider in the photo to see before and after views:

"Clone that bay on the right over once. Add logos and make it POP more. Make the background black"

"Leave the big tree intact on the left, but replace the sky behind and the dead stuff on the right."

"Can you get rid of those cars and fix the sky?"

We waited for the crew and crane to leave. An hour later we gave up and just removed them:

Please get rid of the photographer's reflection in the window, make it daytime and fix some of the expressions. Add more table to the bottom and get rid of shadow on top of wall.

Please fix the view out the window. Fix the couch. Replace a head. Add a bow to the baby. Remove shadows on faces. Blur out the art on the back wall then mute the wall color.

Our client didn't like the plaid shirt and some of the distractions in this photo.

Too big to move, and modernize, and another distracting shirt:

Our client wanted to see what blue shirts with a company logo would look like:

We were commissioned to photograph several hundred, to possibly thousands of event participants. But because of scheduling conflicts, we had a small group that we had to clone repeatedly to create the larger group. If you look closely, some of the people repeat in different areas of the photo:

Indoors to outdoors (and pilotless):

Sometimes the smile is great, but the clothing isn't cooperating. Rather than break the flow, and possibly lose the smile, we "fix it in post."